Despite our relative good fortunes as Australians, our Governments continue to look at anti-immigration policies for votes. 

Recently I was privileged to meet and hear the stories of a number of asylum seekers suspended in the very long process of having their fate decided for them. Among them were dental specialists, nurses, filmmakers and tradespeople - all who were not only in awe of this country, but desperately wanting to contribute productively with their skills.   

Ensuring we have housing solutions for our increasing population is of vital importance to our continued social and economic success in Australia. 

Unlocking new areas through investment in infrastructure and simplifying the nightmare that many of our planning and approval systems represent, is vital in providing more opportunities for all. 

Whatever your politics - its hard to ignore the volume of people who want to contribute and amalgamate into our Australian communities and its the responsibility of our Governments to address this opportunity for growth rather than taking the easy way out and simply locking the gates.