As a parent, it's very sobering to see the latest CoreLogic stats on house prices.  Across Australia, the number of houses that sold under the $400K price tag has halved in the last 10 years.  (62.4% in 2007 vs 31.2% in 2017).  

No wonder the dream of home ownership is dwindling for those not yet in the market. As a long term property investor it used to be satisfying to see the prices trending up and thinking about the unrealised gains that were racking up. But now I'm a parent, the pace of price growth has become formidable and the realisation now is that the dream of home ownership is getting more and more unattainable for our kids.  

While each level of Government has finally put housing affordability on their agenda, there needs to be agreement (& more action!) across all levels to address supply, the level of taxes imposed on new property and spending required on the critical infrastructure needed to open up new housing stock.